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Questions about MUC history


I am suffering from big problem.Please any one can answer my question if is

yes then its a big thank you.

First question.

Openfire store chatroom messages in ram or mysql database.

Second question

If it store in mysql database then i have following problem.I have a requirement is to delete a messages from chatroom

after 24 hours from count with there sending message time.for this i have applied the logic to delete the message

from offmessagearchive table because after enable the archivin, message has been stored in this table.But after the deletion of message from the offmessagearchive table user can be able to read that deleted messages

from there chat application.

Third question

From my point of view openfire has store there messages in ram thats why the messages has

been deleted when openfire has been restart if is it right then is there any way to delete messages

from chat room after 24hours?

If you have a seperate question, then you should post it as a separate thread and do not hijack old already resolved thread. I have branched out your question.

Openfire stores room messages in memory and then flushes them into database in batches. You can control the interval and the number of messages in a batch in Group Chat > Group Chat Settings > [conference service name] > Other Settings.

You shouldn’t be deleting messages from the database directly. I think you need some kind of plugin to do this using Openfire’s APIs, but i can’t help with that as i’m not a developer.