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Questions about PubSub (server side)


I’m currently implementing a PubSub client with very basic functions (create node, discover nodes, subscribe, publish message, and retrieve published items). So far, everything is working fine, using the PubSub service included with Openfire.

However, I have a few questions about how it works in details:

  • I didn’t see a panel to administer PubSub in openfire admin console. Is there a way to administer without manually creating packets?

  • How many (and how much time) messages are stored in the server for one given node? Is there a way to configure that? (I may need to send a lot of messages)

  • Is there a way to configure how many message are retrieved by a client when he connects? (we estimate are that 20 messages/hour will be sent on a given node, and a client can be away for weeks, during holidays)

  • Is there a way to prioritize the storage of messages ? (some types of messages are not that important, so they don’t need to be stored)

Thanks in advance for answers

Hi again,

First, sorry for triple posting, I had some troubles with my proxy.

I have dug a bit in the PubSub documentation on xmpp.org, and found that it’s possible to configure a node with options such as ‘max_items’ and ‘persist_items’…

However, I tried to retrieve the configuration of a node that I created with default options, and it doesn’t work.

I send this IQ :

<iq id=“NobmS-4” to=“pubsub.m12826” type=“get”>

<pubsub xmlns=“http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#owner”>

<configure node="/CTI"/>



which is what is recommended by the standard, and I get this in response :

<iq id=“NobmS-4” to=“toto1@m12826/Smack” from=“pubsub.m12826” type=“result”/>

Well, it’s far from the example in the Publish-Subscribe document, hence the question : is this feature (node configuration) implemented in OpenFire?

And the more general question: how far is the PubSub protocol implemented in OpenFire? Which options are available and which aren’t?

Hi @michaelbroutin can you post here your code of pubsub? thanks

I have this problem as well.

If anyone has a solution, can u please post it here?