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Questions about the admins


is there a possibility ti add admins without the need to restart the Openfire-server or specify a whole (ldap-)group to be admins?

I’‘m pretty sure you will have to restart the service no matter what, even if you build a little “admin” field and integrate the service restart into a “save” button on that page… but I’'m looking for the same answer re: ldap groups.

You don’'t need to add a whole group to add a single admin. You can just edit the xml file and the appropriate username there, then restart the service.

This is definitely an oversight. One should be able to add and remove admins without restarting the service. We need to push to get this added to the next release. I have over 500 users online 24/7, and restarting the service just to add a new admin will go over like a lead balloon.