Questions on setting up Spark over an OpenFire running on a Server 2003

Hey folks. I am trying to figure out how I can setup Spark so that let’s say our company has 4-5 departments (Sales, Marketing, HR, etc.), and each dept may have 1-5 users. I’ve integrated OpenFire with my Active Directory LDAP. Now, is it possible that Spark can be set up in a way that it breaks down every user based on which department they work in. An example of what I’m talking about is below:

Marketing Department

John Smith

Bob Marley

Joe Blow


Jane Doe

Anjelina Jolie


Caroline Smith


Admin 1

Admin 2

Executive Department

Bill Gates

I want to set it up, so that when each user logs in for the first time, the groups and users will be automatically updated in their list, instead of adding users one by one.

I’ve worked in a company that used Pandion instant messenger, and it did have an exact setup like that. I was wondering if Spark has the same capabilities.

Thanks in advance.

If i remember well, to automatically share groups and users you have to enable Contact List Group Sharing in the Groups configuration, but that’s with default groups, i dunno if it can be done with LDAP.