Radius Plugin Problem

I’'ve installed the radius plugin which is working fine for console logins, but seems to be completely ignored for user logins. Which parameters do I need to set to tell wildfire to use radius for all logins?


If it’'s working for console logins, it should be working for normal user logins as well…

Unfortunately, I’'m not familiar enough with the plugin to know exactly how it works. Have you considered emailing the plugin author and pointing them to this thread?



Thanks, will try that. In the mean time, can anyone post or email me a wildfire.xml file with a working radius setup?

I am in the same situation you are in. What I found out right now is that Spark client will work, and show up in IAS as authenticating, but if I use any other client (Gaim, Exodus, etc) it will not show up in IAS and I get authentication errors.

standard config:

Try adding this to your wildfire.xml:

More info…