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Raise facebook chat using app scoped user id

Hi all,

I am trying to develop a facebook application so that it will retrieve user information and if i need i can raise chat with the user using xmpp/smack api using java.

I have succeeded in sending facebook chat using the original Id.

For example:

for the user facebook.com/arunkumartamiltiger the original Id is “100001255032173” .(As we can get that using http://graph.facebook.com/arunkumartamiltiger) and we can rise chat with the user by :-100001255032173@chat.facebook.com

But the issue is, by using facebook app we cannot get the original Id of the user. **From the facebook apps created after 30th April 2014 we cannot get the Original user Id from the facebook app’s even though the user gave permission to access his original data. (Look for the files sc1.jpg and sc2.jpg)

(Refer to facebook documention:



1. App-scoped User IDs

Facebook will begin to issue app-scoped user IDs when people first log into an instance of your app coded against v2.0 of the API. With app-scoped IDs, the ID for the same user will be different between apps.


So how to do chat with the facebook user using app scoped Id even though we get permission from the user to chat???

For the user “100001255032173” i get the app scoped ID “764965373555290”.

These are the json data which i get when user accepts my request for chatting.

{ "id": "764965373555290", "bio": "Interested in Computers, Politics, fun loving guy....", "email": "arunnanba\u0040gmail.com", "first_name": "Arunkumar", "gender": "male", "last_name": "TamilTiger", "link": "https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/764965373555290/", "locale": "en_US", "name": "Arunkumar TamilTiger", "timezone": 5.5, "updated_time": "2014-06-07T06:49:04+0000", "verified": true }

Kindly do me the favour and give solutions for raising chat with app scoped ID’s(any how I am not violating facebook terms, I am informing the user and with his permission i get user informations, check for screen shots attached).

Thanks in advance,