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Random disconnect issues - Virtualization the problem?

I’m once again experiencing random disconnects from my Openfire server, and I believe I’ve narrowed it down to only one explanation:

I am currently running my Openfire server in a virtual machine. The host machine is currently running: 3 Web Servers (1 W2K, 2 WXP), Openfire (WXP), MySQL 5.x (WXP) and MSSQL 2K (WS2K3). The host machine has a single NIC in use (no load balancing being used w the disabled second NIC).

Could the fact that Openfire is being run in this environment be causing the random disconnects I am seeing?

It’s possible - however the timeouts within Openfire are pretty long so the fact you’re time slicing CPU shouldn’t really matter.

Our Openfire server is running with >15 other servers on VMWare ESX and it behaves well.

I’m in the process of building a Linux version of the same server, since my database is on another machine. I’m going to give that a try and see if it stables it out. We’re using GSX here.

No problems on this end either regarding virtualization. We have 8+ VMs on one server and the OF VM runs with no issues whatsoever. Our OF VM is Linux however and we are using VMware Server (and not GSX which is rather old). It is possible GSX could be having performance issues since it is a rather old Vmware product and a few generations behind. Good luck.

It might be, but i am having the same problem, but on a dedicated machine with CenOS 5