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Random disconnects requiring server restart

I’ve recently put together a new Openfire server for our company after running an older version for a number of years.

Operating system : Ubuntu 12.04 lts (Running on a virtual machine)

Openfire version : 3.8.2

Plugins running : Monitoring, user import/export

I installed everything fine, server is up and running and people can connect, monitoring plug in is also working fine. The problem i’m having is randomly, once or twice a week, all of my users disconnect and I can’t access the admin console via my web browser. The only workaround i’ve found is to restart the server manually and then everything seems fine again for a few more days, until it drops out randomly again.

I’ve been running an older version of Openfire on an earlier Ubuntu release for years on the same virtual environment and never had this problem.

Has anybody got any idea what might be causing this? i’ve checked the Ubuntu error logs and cannot find anything out of the ordinary. I’m kinda lost for ideas now.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

I have found stopping the Ubuntu Update Manager from automatically running seems to have stopped the random disconnects for the time being. I’ll update if the problem returns.