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Random Disconnects

I’ve had an Openfire server running for some time now on Ubuntu. Ever since the initial install I’ve had random disconnects and can’t seem to figure out why. I’m not sure if it’s simply a setting that I have or if my server just sucks. It was a fresh install of Ubuntu on Pentium 4 system with a gig of RAM. The user load is extremely light(4-5 users at a time). If anyone has any ideas or experience with this issue I’d appreciate any help.



Hey Doug,

Search in the forums for client disconnections or heartbeats. It is possible that your clients are not sending heartbeats to the server so the server assumes that the connection has died and closes it. BTW, try using different XMPP clients and see what happens. If there is a firewall also try disabling it in case the firewall is closing long lived connections.

– Gato

I’ve tried a few different searches and have come up with nothing. As for clients I’ve used multiple as have others using the server. I’ve used Pidgin, Digsby, Spark(currently using) and have had other people use Exodus, Adium and a Blackberry client. I have no firewall between it all either. The problem itself may be in my Ubuntu implementation or perhaps even the hardware. I’m not exactly sure what the problem is. I do have a website hosted on the server as well but it’s an exceptionally low traffic site. I may try migrating to a Windows server just to test it all out and see if the disconnects continue. Really I posted here to find out if there were any settings I could check in the Openfire install. Guess I’ll get to work on that Windows machine and see how it all goes . Thanks for the input Gato.


I hate to be ignorant but how would I go about integrating my current database from a debian based install to a windows install? I’m using the embedded DB.

Nevermind on that, figured it out. Just had to do a partial setup for the new system to recognize that it was an embedded db then transferred it all over. So far things seem to be going smoother on the new server.

I run a silverlight client on both XP and vista and I get disconnected after about 6 minutes of idle time.

Did you figure out the problem conserning this?

Well, it’s only been a day but the issue seems to be alleviated. It seems that our server was the issue. Why, I’m not sure. Though the likely answer is because I had used it as a test bed for too many apps and tried installing/uninstalling far too many things without a reinstall so it had too many miscellaneous processes running. Being that I’m still fairly ignorant towards *nix I didn’t have the know how of removing all the rogue processes. We’ll find out in time if this is indeed the issue or if it’s some setting on my server. I hope to put more of a load on the server today and find out. Sorry I couldn’t give you a more definitive answer.


EDIT: Sorry for highjacking the thread. I have removed my comment and created a new discussion.

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Sadly I spoke too soon earlier when I stated the the issue was resolved. Even after migrating to a different server the issue remains. I’m baffled as to why it keeps disconnecting the users.