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Random, Large server loads on low user server

Hi there,

We’ve been having a problem with openfire. At unusual times and days (no pattern) the server will suddenly use upto 2000% cpu time, on a 32 core 64GB server this meant a load average in excess of 40.

This happens with < 100 users, 30 rooms and regardless of if archiving is switched on or off

Please help as I can’t see any possible reason this would happen especially as there is no pattern (mysql doesn’t rise ONLY java which is openfire)


This may be a “Full GC”. Java uses as much cores as possible to free memory. You could use jconsole, visualvm or enable the GC log of the JVM to monitor this. Which memory settings do you use?

Hi there,

We’re using 16GB (in 64bit mode) and the load isn’t consistant. It happens in a single surge. most of the time the load average on the server (sometimes with over 200 concurrent users) will be 0.01 - 1.00

but at a random point (regardless if we have 10 users or 200) the java process will suddenly surge up to 2000% cpu usage, the load average will spike this lasts about 2-3 minutes and then it goes back to normal.

Sometimes this will happen repeatadly over a 15-20 minutes period with short periods of calm every few minutes