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Random Received Messages Loss

Hi guys…new to Openfire (Wildfire, as u wish).

I installed Openfire today, just to set up MY OWN Jabber server for my personal use (and for knowledge).

Installation was easy, and setup too: everything works pretty good with MSN transport (I prefear Skype, but unfortunately I need MSN too).

I connect to server with an HTC P3600 device (WM5) and Imov Messenger Enterprise 2.10ee on SSL port.

Conversation works fine, only for some random loss of received messages. I mean, not offline messages

but online messages (generally short answers) that my MSN contact (MSN/Live Messenger clients) send to me.

Tried different settings in client, no audit policy on server, no log message on client, nothing to interrupt conversation, router settings are right, and all my sent meassges are received, so everything I type is transported.

I red something similar happening on ICQ protocol; somebody else experiencing this issue with MSN??

Somebody knows if it could be a server or client issue??

I mean, client colud be formatting text in a wrong way, or some issue in text formatting if screen is not in landscape mode.

I tried Imov Messenger only on UMTS connection, not yet on WiFi (maybe tomorrow??).

Somebody knows something about this??

Thank you for answers.

Hi again guys…just write to say that the problem has been solved.

It was a client issue: switched to Imov Basic 2.14, and it goes fine; all messages are received, so I can use my own server at top

Thank you anyway for your attention.

I can post again my configuration, if you are interested:

Wildfire 3.2.3 with IM Gateway 1.0, Imov messenger 2.14 beta under SSL encryption and HTC p3600 (WM5) as device.

Good Luck.