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Randomized username colors in chat window

I hope someone can help me here. I would like to disable randomized colors for usernames in group chat. I can see how that might be beneficial for a small chat, but I deal with upwards of 200 simultaneously and would like to set all users comments to one color, and moderators to another. Is there anywhere I can do this, perhaps in one of the Spark files? I don’t see it in user settings in the Spark client.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve filed this as SPARK-984

Selecting of colors by administrator or Spark user would be too complex for such specific need. So we will leave this to developers to choose colors Or you can comment on that issue.

You shouldnt wait for this to be implemented very soon. So you probably should make these changes yourself in Spark code and compile your own version (you will have to do this for every new version). You will find a link to a source code in this document Build a Branded/Skinned Version of Spark


can u explain clearly, currently i am using spark 2.6 beta i wold like to change the color in only Normal chat… is it possible