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Rate document quite invisible


as the rate document option is at the bottom of the document I wonder if one could add a Javascript similar to the one in the editor which alerts the user if he did not rate the document with something like “Do you want to navigate away from this page without rating this document?”.

One should of course add some intelligence to it that one gets this warning only one time for every document and probably only 5 times, especially if the user selects “yes” every time.

Currently 3 documents have 1 user rating, so this could help to improve the rating. Or one could give away 20 points for a “Poor” rating up to 100 points for an “Exceptional” one (;


Document Tags

I really like to reply to myself instead of creating a new thread for this. But hitting “Reply” happens quite often and then one has no chance to see the Document Tags or to modify them. I think it could be useful to be able to remove or add tags of the initial question.

So a “Collaboration Option” may be nice with “Allow editing of Tags for”

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