Re: Help With Spark IM - 2.6 in Win 7

Hi everyone,

I’m new to open source applications, and i must say…spark is really neat. But i’m having some issues, i’m running win 7 32bit with the latest spark IM application. When i start spark, it’ll open with a white screen that covers the entire screen. If i end the spark process, my desktop comes back. I’ve tried multiple version of spark, down to the beta. Can someone please help, love using this for in-house… Please help.

Thank you in advance.

Sounds like a similar problem I have seen with XP and Spark 2.5.8. Try deleting the layout.settings file in the Spark folder under the affected users profile. In XP the file is under “C:\Documents and Settings%Username%\spark”. Not sure about Windows 7.

i tried that, and the funny thing it’s not installed on the users profile, it’s under one of the administrators folder. No matter what you do when installing…the profile folder go to an admin user.

ok, now when i install a fresh spark on the user, i don’t see the profile folder. I deleted anything that has to do with spark and reinstalled. When i run spark, my username and password appears…where is my profile stored???

thank you radiant73, found the layout.setting in a roaming profile…sigh~~ removed and now it’s working.

Thank you

Well, Windows 7 makes live so much easier… it’s at