Re-Install Management Console - Windows 2012 Server

I have a client with a strange problem. He tried to login into his management portal but received a 503 error stating that the service was not running. I checked and the OpenFire service is running and the program runs fine with all of the clients. However he wants to add in another user and cannot get into the management interface. I then noticed that Java was not installed (which is strange since I had a problem earlier on this system and I installed it myself). So I installed Java. It still does not work. I then did a search on his two local drives for login.jsp. I cannot find this file. I also do not know what web server he was running. IIS does not seem to be installed and I do not know much about Jetty so I cannot tell if it was ever installed. (From what I have read this is the web server that Openfire uses by default)

So my first task is to find out if Jetty is installed and check to make sure it is running. Since I know nothing of how Openfire and Jetty work together, is there two separate services or does the Openfire service also run the web server? (I would imagine these are two separate services.) Then, where would the files be stored if it was running Jetty?

If I cannot find any of these files, how do I go about installing the management interface and services without overwriting the current database? I am having the client see if he can find these files in his Carbonite backup and what folder structure they are under. So I am hoping I can just install Jetty and recover the folder paths that vanished.

I appreciate any help. Once I get his figured out I need to find out how this all got removed. Very strange.


OK, we went ahead and did a reinstall over the installed program. This fixed the issue. Just wanted to let others know the solution in case they run into the same thing.