Re-installed openfire, and now can't log in

Hi, we just re-installed openfire with AD support running on a server 2008 Server. I am able to log into the web interface just fine, but when we try to log in via spark, or when anyone tries to log into spark, it comes back saying invalid username and password. from the web interface I am able to all the accounts that were pulled/synced with the AD server, so why can’t we log in via spark?

any ideas?

two things to verify on Spark:

  1. correct domain as it is configured in Openfire
  2. port you connecting to th server

if all matching check if Spark can at all get to the box, i.e. packet trace (Wireshark) on TCP/5222 (default port)

Domain is correct, as is the port, and the port is open in the firewall, it was running, but we changed the domain name so we re-installed with the new domain name on a linux openfire server. I have verified ports are open in the firewall, and the connection is there, as well as verified usernames and passwords as I can log into every other system using the AD authenitication and I can log into the openfire web interface

have you tried with any other XMPP client?

Hi, we got it resolved the first time, but the server crashed and so we re-installed it and now are having the same issue, we can log in to the web admin interface but not into spark or any other jabber client. last time it was the port wasn’t open, I have confirmed that port 5222 is open in the firewall, but we can’t log in. it says invalid username or password even though I can use the same username and password and log into the web interface just fine. any ideas how I can resolve this?