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RE: OF-179 MUC + Group Access


Was wondering if anything relating to this issue was being worked on or due to be worked on soon?

Would be really great if we could assign access to MUC Rooms based on a users group membership…

Also with regards to complexity, could a room not have a list of authorized groups and upon attempting to join the MUC, the same code used for checking whether they are a member of the room could be modified and check if that group is authorized to join?

Kinda hackish but I wouldn’t have assumed it would require a major overhaul

If you think so, then propose a simple patch for this

Was a suggestion not a criticism… tempted to look into it though XD Would need to brush up on Java though which I absolutely hate with a passion

I’m not a developer myself, but i tend to believe Daryl’s words, that this is not so simple.