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Read error with GAIM client

I have just put Wildfire into production this past weekend. Clients use either Exodus or GAIM to connect to Wildfire. I require a secure connection. The server has the packaged certs, I did not redo it. And users are connecting via LDAP.

We don’'t experience this issue with Exodus, only GAIM. About every 30 min. or so, GAIM will suddenly log off and give you an error message saying “Read Error”. The user can log back in with no problems. The error is not related to timeout settings. Could this be related to the default cert? Or is this just GAIM?

Here is the log on GAIM if needed:

(13:51:33) account: Disconnecting account 01143FD8

(13:51:33) connection: Disconnecting connection 01D43338

(13:51:33) server: removing NOP

(13:51:33) jabber: Sending (ssl):

cut out roster list----

(13:51:39) jabber: Recv (ssl)(268): oldg@aocim.ga.aocnetwork.us" name=“Greg Arnold” subscription=“to”>


Look at this url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=17033&tstart=0thread[/url].

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