Read File Description

In documentation, there is written like,

// Create the file transfer manager FileTransferManager manager = new FileTransferManager(connection); // Create the outgoing file transfer OutgoingFileTransfer transfer = manager.createOutgoingFileTransfer(""); // Send the file transfer.sendFile(new File("shakespeare_complete_works.txt"), "You won't believe this!");

now i want to read this description which is “You won’t believe this!” in IncomingFileTransfer.

How can i get it???

The IncomingFileTransfer callback gives you a FileTransferRequest (smack 4.0.6 API) instance on which you can call getDescription().

Thank u for responding… Here if i use asmack 4.0.6.jar, i am not able send files. i am getting

** W/IQReplyFilter(5069): Rejected potentially spoofed reply to IQ-packet. Filter settings: packetId=l1Q45-7, to= /Smack,, Received packet with**

So i am using asmack-level7-3.1.1.jar.

Using this i am able to send file and receive it through IBB. Actually i want to transfer through SOCKS5. In SOCKS5, images can be transferred, but not able to send videos(Larger files).

Please help me sir…