Real-time presence on web page

I can get a presence live on a web page but when user’s status has changed, it does not update web page until you press refresh. I would like to see it like fastpath webchat where it is in real time.

any suggestions?

Well. Presence plugin can’t do it in real-time (with HTTP requests). So you will have to code your page in such way, that the page will refresh those parts, showing presence, constantly. Probably this can be done with ajax, so not the whole page would be refreshed.

I wish I knew ajax. I was thinking to create an IFRAME that links to a presence page and have it refresh every 20sec or so. I’ll buy some books on AJAX. Thanks


there are a lot of great AJAX manuals in the web available, you should be able to get this working within 20 minutes reading or similar simple AJAX examples.