REALLY NEED HELP. Process Message not called

I really need help, i have tried all the alternativas but i cant found the error.

I create a ChatManagerListener to listen for incoming messages, its works ok, but, when i create a chat, the smack is creating two different threads.

My code:

manager = ChatManager.getInstanceFor(MyXMPP.getConnection());

manager.addChatListener(new ChatManagerListener() {


public void chatCreated(Chat chat, boolean createdLocally) {

if(!createdLocally) {

chat.addMessageListener(new MyMessageListener());




Creating a chat:

chat = manager.createChat(user, new MyMessageListener)


That’s by design, I think. Why would you want (or even require) to retrieve the event on the same thread? That original thread might be buys (or dead!) at the time when a new chat is created.