Really new to linux... How to upgrade OpenFire and can not get plugins to install

Ok im extremely new to linux since i have always been a microsoft person. OpenFire came with Elastix PBX since we are trying to do our own VOIP PBX and save money so it installed CentOS. Didnt have problems installing, but how do you go about upgrading OpenFire. I do not see that option on the Admin Console so i figure youve got to do it in the server console directly but i do not know how to do it. Do i need to use a CD, or what are my options? What commands do i need to use?

Also… i was trying to get some plugins installed but was having problems. I do not know if maybe OpenFire needs to be upgraded for some of the plugins or what. I was using the Web Admin Console in OpenFire to install plugins and got 1 to install but could not get IM Gateway and 2 others to install. What am i doing wrong or how do i need to be doing it? Can i FTP in and drop the package since it auto-installs?



I’m not familiar with Elastix. So we need additional information about packaging system. What is the version of Openfire shipped with it? Or maybe Openfire was installed separately? At Downloads page you can see 4 packages for linux:

CentOS is RedHat derivative as i know, so rpm should be used (in case that it was installed with rpm package). How to upgrade rpm version:

With standalone tar.gz version upgrade procedure is a simple copy on top of older version (with some exceptions).

Openfire was installed automatically with Elastix PBX. The OpenFire version is 3.4.2

So, it could be a rpm installation. Not sure how to check this. You can try downloading rpm package and doing rpm update.

Ive never used linux before so i have no idea what commands to use or anything. How do i go about doing that? Do i need to do it from the console or can i do it from a web interface? If i do it from the console itself how do i get it to run from the cd?

So, are you familiar with the console (not matters, linux, windows or else)? I havent used rpm based system for a very long, so i dont know what are the graphical interface options. So i would go with the console.

  1. Downloading openfire-3.5.1-1.i386.rpm from here

  2. Start console in Elastix an type rpm -U /path_to_the_downloaded_package/openfire-3.5.1-1.i386.rpm (as it’s said in

RPM is supported by CentOS so we are good there. But how do i get the new update on the server? Can i use a cd to install from? If yes, then what commands do i use and what drive letter does it call it? Im not up on linux commands, i just know DOS commands.

This server doesnt have internet connection? Just download new rpm, i gave you the link. Or download it elsewhere and transfer to that server (cd, usb stick, etc.).

My linux box doesnt have a graphical interface, so i normally download new versions with wget in console:

wget (on your case shgould be #.rpm; # means version numbers)

Linux console commands are often similar to DOS, but this is not the place to teach how to use linux, sorry. You should try to learn it yourself. I have already gave you a link about rpm commands.

thanks… got it