Really stuck on this HTTP:500 error!


so does it help to add “ my-xmpp-domain” to “/etc/hosts” and to make sure that it is used for name resolution?

Or must “hostname” return a valid name?


well, your hosts file has to have your hostname in it.

my first line was localhost

once I added my hostname (gentux) localhost gentux

it worked. This machine doesnt have a DNS entry, but when i initially was accessing the server, i was either using the browser on that machine, or using a browser on the other machine and doing it via IP address. So if users either add their host name to their /etc/hosts; Have a DNS entry for their machine (i don’‘t) it should work. I don’'t think the full DN of the system needs to be added - but it may not hurt.


hey there,

i was having the exact same problem on a machine running redhat AS4… i added my hostname to /etc/hosts just like you, and that fixed the problem as well. thanks for the help!


Interesting…Thanks for your reply - perhaps this isn’'t a gentoo only problem then?