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Receive XML stream error

Receive XML stream error

Server: JiveMessenger 2.0.1

Client: Exodus

When my friend is offline, then I send some Chinese text(it’'s Chinese, NOT English) to him, then these message is offline message, table jiveOffline will record them. But when my friend login, he can not see them.

I output the debug information, I see that receive XML stream error happened, when client receive the xml stream, some XML slice be lost, so xml stream is not well-formatted, some exception happened. But I dont know where the problem is. Somebody can help me? Give me some tips. tks…

And there is a similar problem: when I send a large text(500 Chinese Word or larger) to my friend, in some case, my friend can not receive the text.



well, i cant say anything about your problem, but why not to use latest 2.1.1 version? or maybe u just mistyped it:) Sorry then:)

Hey Elizabeth,

Could you check the error logs file and post the errors that you found?


– Gato