Recent problem I'm having

I just noticed that 2.7 is coming out at the end of the month! Very exciting as I am experiencing some problems with the current versions. I have one client running 2.6.3 on a 32 bit windows vista machine and a client running 2.6.3 on a 64 bit windows 7 machine. Whenever these two users contact each other via spark it completely freezes the program without going into “Not Responding” status… I have troubleshooted to the extent of running 2.5.8 on both, deleting the user and readding them to openfire. I also tried logging in with my account on his computer and had no problems. The problem seems related to the user. Is there any known way to fix this, or will it be addressed in 2.7?

Well, I would say: No it is not goin to be adressed. The amount of fixes in 2.7.0 (if we can make it at all) is very limited.

There is no similar report to the situation you are describing. I would suggest to deleted the VCARD for the users in the database, since you are reporting that this is affecting only one user. I assume that all other user ID in this scenario are working?

A to B, b to c, c to A etc are working

Only x to y and y to x is breaking?

More details are needed for analysis. There is no Vista 32bit - W7 64 bit test setup is existing. Do you use the JRE bundled in 2.6.3 or another one?

Yes very much x to y y to x.

How do you delete the VCARD? I am asking simply because I do not want to look it up and then do it wrong lol Is this done as an admin on Openfire?

Also yes I use the JRE bundled in 2.6.3

How could this affect the issue and how could a different JRE fix the issue? I am not savvy with Java programming.

Thanks Walter, your response is much appreciated as always.

Still not sure how to delete the VCARD data for users…? Any help would be much appreciated!

EDIT: Actually I figured out that by going to …\USERS\USERNAME\APPDATA\SPARK you can delete each users information. I actually deleted this whole file, deleted the users account, recreated it and then uninstalled/reinstalled spark on the client PC. When I open up spark again, his information is still saved on the login screen. If you could tell me how to make that information not appear upon starting spark I think we will have problem solved.

Thanks in advance.

There are two way how to delete the VCARD of a user.

  1. delete the user and recreate the account. The user will need to reestalish his roster completely. I am pretty sure that VCARD deletion is happening in OF 3.6.4

  2. If you have a DB like MySQL instead of the embedded DB (hopefully you are not using the embedded DB), you can use the DB admin tool to get into the DB tables (e.g. HeidiSQL for MySQL) and open the VCARD table of OF. The table is organized with the JID as primary key. Lok for the user and delete the line. No worry, OF handles online changes in the DB nicely.

Try deletion of the user first…

I actually have OF 3.7, however, when I delete the user account and recreate, this seems to do nothing.

Does going to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Spark and deleting this file have anything to do with the VCARD. I read a reply to a similar problem that WROOT responded to and it seemed to solve the problem. Whenever I delete this file it is automatically renewed when Spark is opened, even after a reinstallation. there has to be a minor detail I am missing. I actually don’t have access to the MYSQL DB and am trying not to involve upper management.


just for sanity:

Delete the user of OF

Use a PC were this user has not been logged on before and login to the user account. Set the VCARD to something with a simple image.

Check if this behaviour still exists.

Anything special on the user name, like é, è etc.?

Problem solved! It seems that Spark creates a new profile when updating to 2.6.3 and it adds it to the location C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Spark.

However the older Spark version 2.5.8 would put the profile data in location C:\User\UserName\Spark.

Once I deleted the older profile my problem was solved. Not sure if this is something that needs to be addressed but I really appreciate the effort to help me out.