Recommended Dedicated Server Builds for OpenFire

First of all, yes I have viewed the “recommended/required specifications” that have been posted here. The problem is, those are the same exact recommendations from the JiveSoftware website, which I have a feeling aren’t “up to date”. Granted they are probably close to be spot-on for realistic expecations, but something sounds fishy about 1.5GB of ram being fine for 10,000 concurrent users involving JAVA…

My problem is, what about MySQL queries? I am using a setup with MySQL and if I have 10,000 users sending IMs back and forth at once, on top of that sending pictures back and forth, can that setup REALLY handle 10k concurrent online users?

It says “2 3.0 ghz processors”, does that mean processor cores? If I put out Quad-Core processor @ 3.0ghz per core, is that enough for 20,000 concurrent users? Or do I need FOUR quad core processors to get 20k concurrent users? This document is VERY confusing for a company like mine, trying to get at least a few thousand concurrent users… peaking easily at 10,000.

Anyway, I just want to be safe. I want to make sure if I buy a dedicated server it can handle 20,000 concurrent users if I get up to that many. I would hate to start a popular XMPP service that starts going really slow. I’m releasing an iPhone app within the next 3 months (over a year of active development has gone into this project), and I really want to make sure when I launch, and I start getting 10,000+ downloads per day (very reasonable, could be as many as 75,000 downloads in a single day, if not more), that my platform will be able to handle 10k concurrent users with ease, and not have slowdowns.

Anyway, if anyone has ANY sort of advice on this matter, or actual use-studies, please reply and let me know what you’ve seen or what you know.

Thanks a billion.


Here is an example server I am looking at… can someone recommend what sort of users I can expect out of this, if its solely used as an xmpp server?

PROCESSOR: Xeon E3-1230 4x3.2GHz HT 8M s-cache Turboboost



NETWORK: 100 Mbps Uplink Port

This is all running on Debian, my server admin is always good at making things ‘speedy’.

Now here is the question, is 8 GB of ram going to be good enough for 10,000 concurrent users? Will I be able to REGISTER 1,000,000 users … or even 5,000,000 users? I don’t expect 5 million users to be ONLINE concurrently, but can it handle that in the MySQL, or do I need to think of a different MySQL scalable solution and build it in Amazon Web Services?