Recommended specs

I had setup wildfire on a system that I had refurbished. Originally this was just for testing. However it has become quite popular at the office and I’‘m constantly being asked to add people. Before it gets too far along I was wondering what specs would be good for supporting 200 people and possibly up to 500. Right now I have wildfire running on fedora core 5 on a p4 1.5ghz with 1gb of ram on an 18gb scsi drive. Also I’'m using the embedded database. I know I will get better performance with an external db. Which db is recommended?

Hey Ted,

Nice to hear the the fire is spreading.

I would say that for 200-500 users the stress on the server is minimal (or a very little moderate) so with your hardware you should be fine. BTW, are you noticing any issues with your current setup?

As for the external database I think that any of the supported DBs will do just fine with your load. So it is up to you to decide based on the prerequisites of each DB (e.g. oracle is a gremlin ), your expertise, company policies, licencies, costs, etc.


– Gato

Hey thanks for the response. Though I’'ve been so busy the past month I forgot to check back here. As for any issues with my setup, none that I notice. I had an issue with the plugins after an update but was able to fix the problem sometime later. Other than that, its been working great.

Its nice to see old equipment being put to use.