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Recources for desktop client vs. web client?

I`ve read that web clients using BOSH like JWchat needs more resources than desktop client like spark.

Is this true? If it does, why is there a difference?

In says here that 800MB ram and 3 GHz processor can support up to 10K concurrent users. How many concurrent web-clients using BOSH can I support with the same resources?

What is a reasonable number of contacts in the roster of each user?


I don’t think we’ve done load testing for BOSH yet, unfortunately, but I can say that the 10k number is old. It’s way higher than that now

Can you tell me what are the differences between desktop and web clients that can affect the number of available concurrent users?

Could you only give me a rough estimate of the difference?

What is a reasonable number of contacts in a user roster? I want to limit my users roster so it won`t add load on my server.