Red5 and Server to Server

Hi, I’ve been trying this for a while now but cannot get Server to Server video using the Red5 plugin to work.

I have two Openfire Servers, 3.5.2, one runs on Windows Server 2003 R2, the other on Windows Server 2008. I am using Spark 2.5.8, Java is 1.6., Red5 plugin is 0.0.27

IM between users of these two servers works, Red5 works perfectly when users are on just one server, however, linking those two servers for Red5 video conferencing doesn’t.

I am using rtmp:// and rtmp:// as Red5 URL, port 8000 comes from in red5-rtmpt.xml.


Name is the default red5, firewall rules are there to permit communication between the two.

Am I missing anything obvious or do I need to touch another config somewhere?

I’m really interested in making work red5 in s2s. But I don’t think it’s possible yet.

Did you mean rtmpt:// and not rtmp://

Does rtmp:// work??