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Red5 Plugin for Wildfire

This post is to annouce that the first beta of the Red5 Plugin for Wildfire is available at


What is Red5

Red5 is an open source media streaming server for Flash media (audio and video). Visit Red5 homepage for more details.

Why should I be interested in Red5

If you are a Wildfire user/administrator and you use Pandion as your XMPP client, then I have included a plugin that lets you exchange video during a a chat session. I am working on a multi-user plugin for conferences.

If you are a Spark user, then I am looking forward to developing a Spark plugin to do the same thing as well as using introducing “video presence” a video stream replacement for a picture avatar.

If you are an XMPP client developer, then please download it and get into Red5. Post your ideas on “video presence” and how we can extend XMPP with video and audio streaming. Contact me if you need assistance with embedding flash into your client applications.

What is the roadmap for ths plugin

The plugin is tied to the Red5 development roadmap from the current version Beta6 and beyond to production. A new version will be released when the Red5 team release a new version. In addition to that, I will be pushing to get “Video Presence” adopted as an XMPP standard and developing the plugin to that standard. I shall also be adding new features based on ideas from members of this this community.

This is a super cool plugin.

I wonder if there would be some way to make this work through Jingle. Perhaps in association with XIFF. Even if that’'s not practical, this will be very useful for showing rich media in web browsers. There are lots and lots of exciting possibilities.


I am real excited about this video plugin you have developed for Pandion, I can’‘t wait for the plugin for the voice. I currently run a red5 server but have no idea how to create any of the plugins or source files for the Pandion client. You have done a good job so far and With red5 it brings a whole new outlook for all that want to use flash applications in their software but aren’'t able to because of the cost that Adobe had created with their flash server. Kudos!! and thanx again.


I have taken a look at Jingle XEPs and I think that Red5 can work with Jingle.

We need an XEP for Jingle Transport Method for RTMP (Media streaming between Flash web clients via Red5).

How do we define one??

I think it will be most useful when used to enable Jingle from XMPP web clients without installing a softphone or voip stack.



thanks for the encouragement. I should have a new version up very soon with both audio and video and a plugin for Spark as well. After that I will start on extending the plugins for conference rooms and adding access control.


Sweet! , I’‘ve done died and gone to heaven. I’‘ll be standin by chewin on my fingernails waiting. Don’'t you just love when a plan comes together?

First all I would send you my best wish for this new years and Congratulation for Red5 Plugin for Wildfire. For me is the best and I would like to know when it finish the multi-user plugin for conferences, or how I can modify the web page for view for more than 2 windows cam…


IMN Team

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Version 0.0.2 of the Red5 plugin is now available from here.

I have a added support for audio and I have done a plugin for Spark to enable simple two-way audio/video chat.

I would love to get feedback about platforms other than Windows.

Please note that this is still beta stuff and there is a fair amount of work to be done to integrate red5 into Wildfire properly.

After you install the Wildfire plugin, the client plugins (Spark and Pandion) are both on the web root folder

http://yourserver:9090/red5/red5-plugin.jar and http://yourserver:9090/red5/red5.pdn


I am running Mac OSX 10.4. I am running the plugin with the Spark Client. However I cannot get the audio/video working. I try to start a session and it does nothing at all. Am I missing something?

I have the same setup running on a Windows XP box just fine.

Try running directly from the web browser with


where myserever is your wildfire host/ip address

If you don’'t see the flash application, then there is a problem loading the flash swf file. If you see the application, but no video then do a right click on the application and enable flash player to use your webcam and mcirophone. If you see can see your webcam then from another pc on your network try


you should get both your webcam and the other video stream.

If it still does not work, please let me know.


Prior to my Production issues yesterday and today, I actually had enough time to plugin the red5 plug on WiFi3.1.0 Test server that I have in my office. Successfully made an audio/video conference between my office in dfw to hsv. used two creative USB cams, with standard headphones. server platform is Fedora 5, wifi 3.1.0, using the red5 sample webpage. Got about 15fps, with only slight lag. One pc was SLED 10.0 2nd computer was XP sp2 was alot of fun to play and plan on going back to test it again after I get my production issues squared away. Great Plugin.


I did that but no luck right away. I did some more research and went into the settings of the flash application. I had to change the camera type to usb camera and it started working then.

Thanks for the help.

Check that, it only works with the test website. When I try to use it with Spark I still get nothing.

OK, I am having trouble with the setup directions. I am new to Wildfire and I am admittedly a novice. Can someone please broaden the details on where the admin properties page can be found?

Oh…haha I found it. It is in the web interface of the server, and all this time I have been looking for a file.

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Version 0.0.3 of the Red5 plugin is now available from here.

New Features

JWChat5 (JWChat + Red5 + Wildfire http-bind)

JWChat modified to use Wildfire http-bind and a single audio/video window that shows up to 12 audio/video streams from all your users in current MUCs and IM sessions.

I have tested it on Firefox and Internet Explorer.

As usual, I would love to get feedback, especially about other bowsers and platforms other than Windows.

Please remember that this is still beta stuff and there is a fair amount of work to be done to integrate red5 and JWChat into Wildfire properly.


I can’‘t get the new release to show up as a plugin for me. It creates the red5 directory but I can’‘t see it in the web interface, I can’'t access the red5 page. Anyone else having this issue?


Add in system properties this

red5.enabled true

Note : plugin red5: requires server version 3.2.0

Would server version 3.2 be one of the nightly builds??

dlunsford214 wrote:

Would server version 3.2 be one of the nightly builds??


but i think recent nightly builds should be 3.2 too

I test de plugin and the jwchat not work for my, show message with the content: Internal error, cancel or reconect.