Red5 plugin on Linux


Could anyone guide me how to setup openfire with red5 plugin on a linux machine? Do I need to install red5 server in additional to the red5 plugin? I can’t connect to http://myserver:9090/red5/index.html as some threads say. Or does the red5 plugin works only on a windows server?



Yes, I would like to know if there is a good installation HOWTO. I’ve been trying to get this installed for a while now with no luck.

I was even planning on writing a HOWTO if I ever got it installed, but so far no luck.

You have to enable http-bind in your Openfire as Red5 uses that port instead of the admin web page. Apart from that, it is just another plugin. Copy red5.war to plugin folder. If you are planning on using Red5gateway, that is a challenge and has been depreciated in favour of the new Red5phone.