Red5 plugin problem

I’ve installed the Red5 plugin on the OpenFire server as well as a few clients running Spark.

On the clients, if I go to the menu at the top (Red5–>Open Audio/Video Roster) I get a window with this in it

This program cannot display the webpage

I believe the clients running Spark are going to localhost when they try to get to Red5–>Open Audio/Video Roster.

Any clue where I can change this?

I ended up fixing it.

I’m seeing the same thing. How did you get this fixed?


I also have a problem like that, how? I expect your help



If you log into your server http://localhost:9090/server-props.jsp what do you have listed for “Server Name”?

help me please…

name server on http://localhost:9090/server-props.jsp the name server is ubuntu then what must be configured to be. I am very grateful if you would answer it … and whether it can be different ip in a single network access?

sorry I do not speak English too

thank you

For server name I have:

Substitute for your actual domain name. Our OpenFire server is integrated with our Windows domain via LDAP.

What is your current setup. Are you using it on a Windows domain?

thanks for replying my messages Mithrilhall

red5 openfire and functioning properly. I use ubuntu linux as a server. I use a server name with IP address.

Hi Ben - I am facing issues in integrating Red 5 plugin in Openfire running on 64 bit Ubuntu 10.04…Any help is welcome…