Red5 Plugin version 0.0.22

New version of Red5 plugin avialble from here

New and Changed Features

  1. New user Interface for Red5phone. Many thanks to community member Naoki for doing this

  2. Javascript and Openlaszlo libraries for Red5phone.

  3. CallMe button implemented with Red5phone Javascript library.

  4. New “login” and “register” methods in Red5phone to allow login without SIP registration

  5. Partial Support for Spark plugin on Apple Mac. Need confirmation

Faults fixed

  1. Fixed hangup error with publish(null) error. Thanks again Chris

  2. Changed default http-bind port to 7070.

Can anybody verify Mac compatibility?

Oh, is this Client side or Server side? (edit: I take it it’s the server side plug-in, since it’s the .war and not the .jar)

Fixed a few faults with version 0.0.22 and added voice mail to red5phone, so its now at version 0.0.24.

The spark plugin is red5-plugin.jar in the spark folder. I have added a test to check for OS and when it is a MAC, the video window is opened with the default web browser. I have not ben able to test this as I don’t have a MAC, so any feedback is welcome. The window will be a standard browser window with address bar, etc. I am open to suggestions on any platform independent way of making this better.