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Red5 Plugin

Is there a way to increase the size of the video steam when using the Red5 plugin for Openfire. The plugin works great but we would like a larger video display.

Thanks in advance.


The video stream is set in the Openlaszlo application. You will find the source in the video folder.


Hi !

I currently test Red5 0.0.9 plugin on OpenFire 3.3.3 and Spark 2.57, it rocks

I wish I could increase video size too.

Currenly I’m playing with video call only (video.lzx.swf)

I have found source code (video.lzx), changed window size and compiled it with OpenLaszlo (SOLO mode). Nothing have changed.

I have also changed window size in video.html and nothing changed again.

I can see MyVideo.swf file and respective (?) source MyVideo.xml but I assume I cannot convert xml to swf so I have no idea how to create this file.

What am I doing wrong ?

Thank you in advance

You are almost there. Get hold of swfmill and use to comile the myVideo.xml file into myVideo.swf

On the other hand, take a look at the sample openlaszlo video application


Great, that was the last step I was missing. I managed to increase window size now, picture is not very good, but I’ll play with badwidth.

One more note – I confirm that Red5 0.0.9 plugin cannot be restarted from OpenFire admin console as was mentioned in the other thread. Copying files from plugin\lib to Openfire\lib does not help.

And one more question: we tried to make a video call via VPN (10Mb line on one side and 100Mb on the other). The client is on one side of the VPN, the Openfire server is on the other (it uses AD for client authentiction). We could not get video stream working. IM works fine, but no picture. Is it a limitation of the plugin or it should work ?

Thanks a lot, dele !


picture is not very good, but I’ll play with badwidth

You may have to increase video resolution before you publish to match view screen size.

myCamera.setMode(160, 120, 15, true);

Copying files from plugin\lib to Openfire\lib

It’s actually moving not copying, but I still don’t know which ones yet. I will try to find out soon.

Is it a limitation of the plugin or it should work

Depends. Are you using default rtmp:/oflaDemo, then you must have port 1935 open even though it is a VPN. Try to telnet on port 1935.


Okay, I’ve played with bandwidth and window size, it looks like deafult is best though.

Opening port 1935 helped, all’s working now.

Currently I have only one major problem with red5. I’ll try to explain.

Person A video calls Person B.

Person A ends call (closes window)

Person B appears available in A’s messenger (green ball)

Person A remains “On Phone” – grey handset in B’s messenger. Person B cannot place video call on Person A – it is already “on call”. Person A can place video call on Person B.

Restarting Spark client on B side does not help.

Restarting Spark on both sides helps.

Any ideas ?

Thanks again, dele !