Red5 problem in mac Installer


I am using Spark 2.6.0.beta1 and openfire3.6.0a and myopenfire server is running in windows box … One of my user using mac system … in mac system Red5 is not working itshows blank screen when i click the audio/video roster in mac spark installer its shows blank scree… and i attached the scree shot of that problem … any body have idea about that plz help me…

Spark uses it own java web browser that does not support Adobe Flash only basic HTML. I am currently working on a solution, but it is very low priority in my long to-do list


Dele Olajide Thank for u r fast reply…

can u tell is their any way to use red5 in mac system…

The Red5 version of SparkWeb runs fine in Safari web browser in OS X, but it is not as good as Spark


But I am using Spark …ok

any how can u tell me how to use sparkweb in mac and how to install and where can i download sparkweb in mac build… and how to deployee the sparkweb

If you have installed the Red5 plugin for openfire, then you alreday have the Red5 version of Sparkweb installed. Go here for details

_ o-and-video-in-spark-sparkweb-and-openfire


I am followed that doc then also i am unable to run spark web can u explain detailed… and i am not clear abt that doc

Sorry for my bad english…