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RED5 + SIP +Asterisk calls


I have a strange problem.This problem is not persistent and I can’t find some logick.

The problem is:

When I make a call between users on the same media server and asterisk the A party ringing but on B -party there is no ringing.

I see in the stdout.log “NOT the current call”

After that I change the function onCallIncoming in file SIPUserAgent.java to display call and this.call and the result is

call: org.zoolu.sip.call.ExtendedCall@1c52191

this.call org.zoolu.sip.call.ExtendedCall@11ee18e

This is part of function onCallIncoming where the exucution go and finish.

if (call != this.call) {
printLog("NOT the current call: call " + call + " this.call " + this.call);