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Red5 video over the internet

Openfire 3.5.2 (Red Hat), Spark 2.6.0, Red5 plugin 0.0.27

I have Red5 audio / video working fine on the internal network (no SparkWeb or SIP phone, just the standard plugin and the Java Spark client).

I have now installed a Connection Manager on the DMZ and opened 5222 to the internet so that IM works from the internet - all good so far.

Question - can I get Red5 audio / video to work in this configuration, and if so which ports do I need to open? The HTTP binding ports are standard 7070 / 7443 - I would prefer secure for obvious reasons. Can I just open these ports on the firewall to the Connection Manager and expect it to handle the traffic? Our network policy is to disallow port forwarding, so I have to use a host in the DMZ to handle the traffic somehow.

If not, is there another way that anyone can suggest? Unfortunately I don’t have control of our firewalls - I have to request every change and so I’d like to be as sure as possible it’s going to work before putting in requests…

Cheers, Nick

If your red5 URL is rtmp:/oflaDemo (default), then you need port 1935 open. You can change to rtmp::8000/oflaDemo and open port 8000 to tunnel video over HTTP, but quality will degrade.


Dele, thanks for the reply. I’ve got a bit further - I can see traffic coming into my DMZ Connection Manager box on 7070 (I assume this connection is made first) but it looks like the connecting internet Red5 session is referencing the Openfire server by name, and this name is “internal-only” and cannot be resolved by internet DNS.

Apart from changing the Openfire server name / xmpp domain which I think will be virtually impossible without a MAJOR headache, can Red5 be redirected in any way, perhaps via the rtmp:/oflaDemo setting?

The big lesson here is to configure Openfire with an internet accessible domain name, it will save a lot of problems in the future…