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Red5 Wishlist

Hey Folks -

What are the issues, problems, wishlist, features and needs that you have for the next version of the red5 plugin for openfire?

For me it’s:

  • Encrypted Voice/Video

  • Multi-party Voice/Video

Let us know!



Can you also let us know exactly where do you want these features, issues and bugs fixed. Is it

  1. Red5 Spark plugin
  2. Red5 SparkWeb
  3. Red5phone
  4. Callme telephone web service
  5. Other…

Hi Deli

I am using Red5 plugin for openfire ver 0.1.11, everything works fine but callme link.

When I click on call button, I can capture the message like: C…_error…level…error…code…NetConnection.Call.Failed… description…DMethod call with arguments [boy, boy@.sip.com] not found…application…/org.red5.server.service.MethodNotFoundException…, there is “.” prefix to the domain name.

Is it a bug in the lzx code?


I am struggling to make the new Red5 0.8.0 server WAR file work with Openfire, so please don’t expect any new release of the Red5 plugin for Openfire anytime soon

Hello Dele!

Thank you very much for your today’s update of Red5Phone. It solved most of the problems I had faced.

Please, look at issue 47 (http://code.google.com/p/red5phone/issues/detail?id=47). I’ve posted here a fix for an auth problem because of absent cnonce attribute. In my case it was just impossible to use my SIP provider (located in Russia) without this fix. I think it can help other users of the project.

I also look for Speex support in Red5Phone (http://code.google.com/p/red5phone/issues/detail?id=49). Have you any plans for it?

And on your question. I choose 3 (Red5Phone)


Thanks for the fix to Issue 47. I will add that to the next Red5phone release. I am still not making any progress wth the Red5 plugin for Openfire.

I attempted Speex, but discovered Flash only supports 16mhz wide-bandwidth. There are no speex SIP phones and very few SIP clients supporting 16mhz.

Anyway I think Speex is interesting because of better quality comparing to Nellymoser. And it’s a good idea to implement transcoding with Speex.


By now I see 2 critical problems using Red5Phone.

  1. Incoming audio delay (http://code.google.com/p/red5phone/issues/detail?id=53).

  2. DTMF (http://code.google.com/p/red5phone/issues/detail?id=10).


Would give some ideas to implement Speex? Some code-points. The SIP provider I work with support Speex and transferring audio without transcoding is critical in my case.

I abandoned Speex codec for red5phone because I read somewhere that Flash player is using wideband 16KHZ and very few SIP phones support wideband. Asterisk only does 8KHZ. This means I would have to transcode from 16KHZ to 8KHZ. You will find my abandoned code in a previous version, please don’t ask me which one, because I don’t remember

Support RTMPTS connection type. Thanks. ^^

Do you mean a previous version in ***http***://red5phone.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ repository?

Dear abogdanov:

I mean that now I can use rtmpt://127.0.01:8000/xmpp to connect to openfire red5 plugin in flex.

Can I use rtmpts://127.0.01:8000/xmpp in flex.?

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Red5 plugin for Openfire currently uses red5 server 0.7 which does not support RTMPTS. Version 0.8 does support RTMPTS, but I have currently hit a wall trying to make it work with red5 plugin. Unfortunately, I am too busy right now to climb over

Can Red5 support RTMPTE connection type?

For example: use netConnection.connect(“rtmpte://server:8000/xmpp”) in flex.

Thanks ^^

Can Red5 support RTMPTE connection type?

For example: use netConnection.connect(“rtmpte://server:8000/xmpp”) in flex.

Thanks ^^

No, not in the current release 0.8