Red5phone on a webpage


Thanks to some help here, I could install openfire with red5 plugin on my debian box and could make it run. I am still testng it but as far as I have seen, it rocks .

I am not very familiar with the openfire/red5 architechture, so I would like to know the following :

  • openfire/red5 is running on server A with the public IP ip1 (and I can acces to the redphone phone through port ip1:7070)

  • I have a web server (Apache2) running on server B with the public IP ip2 (running on the usual port 80 and 443)

I would like to know if there is a way to use red5phone from the webpages on server B (so on ip2:80 and ip2:443, mixed with the other elements of the page) and how I could achieve that. If anyone could give some hints…

Thanks and regards,


No problem, just upload your red5phone swf and html page on your web server ip2 (usually /var/www).

With your browser, open the page (for example http://ip2/red5phone.html).

Now on the red5phone connection frame, change rmpt:/sip in the Red5Url text input for rtmp://ip1/sip.


Perfect ! Thanks a lot !