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Red5Plugin and CODECs - GSM support?


I am working on codec implementation right now and I have a few questions, possibly for Dele.

1-Spark supports GSM codec and it also uses mjISIP like SparkWeb. Does red5plugin has all the files required to use gsm CODEC ?

2-Does anyone have any GSM (standalone or not) implementation on java or any link to share ?


Spark does not use mJSIP. It uses the NIST SIP stack. Red5Phone is limited by Flash Audio which only does Nellymoser and Speex wideband codecs

I tried to activate the “compression” support on ULAW/PCMU codec but I cant listen and called cant listen me too…

Speex is not working too, only PCMU (no compression)

Doesnt asao CODEC has both “speex and pcmu” codecs ?