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Redfire Release

I am happy to release version for community beta testing

So what is new?

  1. The much requested redfire plugin for Spark supporting Redfire audio/video, screen sharing and remote desktop control
  2. Redfire now acts as an XMPP connection mamager for RTMP connections. I have included an RTMPConnection class for XIFF

For details about the Redfire plugin for Spark, read this first


Please note the following changes

  • There is a new button for screen share
  • Both the audio/video (AV) and the screenshare buttons now send an invite to all participants with their clickable custom URLs
  • The URL includes a security key generated for the user sending the invitation.


  • For AV invitations, the video.html and conf.html web pages in folder video is used. You can customise or modify as you like

  • For screen share, the screenviewer.html web page is used view the shared screen. To remotely control the shared desktop, double click in the viewer and watch the remote desktop mouse shadow the real mouse. All keyboard strokes and mouse moves/clicks are handled except for right mouse clicks.


  • The red5.properties file has some additional parameters

#Red5 Settings





popup determines if the invitation URLs should auto open the web browser. Default is false. User must click on links to open web browser.

On my Windows PC, the location of the red5.properties file is here


Redfire can now act as an intenal connection manager to XMPP session from Flash/Flex applications. I have included RTMPConnection.as class for compatibility with XIFF. This will enable Redfire developers to use a single RTMP or secure RTMPE connection for XMPP messages and RTMP audio/video packets.

You login with netConnection.call("xmppConnect", myResponder, username, password, resource); You recieve XMPP with: public function xmppRecieve(rawXML:String):void and send XMPP with netConnection.call("xmppSend", null, xmlData);

Where can I download the plugin

For Openfire 3.6.4 and below http://redfire.googlecode.com/files/redfire364-0.0.03.zip

For Openfire 3.7.0 and above http://redfire.googlecode.com/files/redfire370-0.0.03.zip

What is next?

RedSpark, the Redfire version of SparkWeb
RTMPConnection.as.zip (2257 Bytes)


Hi Dele,

another THANK YOU for your work! thumps up


But where I have to put the content of the RTMPConnection.as.zip?

Additionally your second Link (http://redfire.googlecode.com/files/redfire370-0.0.03.zip) points to the redfire364 Version!


I’ve tested your plugin (including the new Spark Plugin) and it works fine. With one exception. The additional parameters (protocol and port) are completely ignored. The generated links points to http://:7070/…

The server parameter (which points to btg199251 in standard) seems to be ignored too (okay, thats okay for me, cause my server has another servername ).

Thank You

The RTMPConnection class extends the XIFF XMPPConnection class for RTMP type connections just as XMPPBOSHConnection does for HTTP type connections.

Ether copy to xiff\src\org\igniterealtime\xiff\core and rebuild XIFF or include it in your own projects.

For example in my RedSpark Project, the location is org\igniterealtime\xiff\core

Ah okay. So it’s not necessary for regular “users/admins”.

I suspect it can’t find your red5.properties file. Confirm from the log files in USER_HOME\Spark\logs

I have updated the post with a screen shot of the location for the red5.properties file (USER_HOME\Spark).

Correct. Only needed by developers using XIFF and Redfire

Dele you’re the best.

Works great now…


I’m very new to Opefire .I have downloaded Openfire and Spark cleint both works great and now i’m really confused with Red5 What it is If this is such a great to tool for Open fire how to use it ? is there any document for new webiies how to install and use for both web based plugin and as a client plugin.Waiting for your kind anwer i have surfured for hr i couldn’t really understand from where to start all documents and messages are confusing with an overlap of prevoius.It would be great for the new to have a document to read and install Please don’t mind thank you again



Hi Dele,

as you may have noticed we are working hard on a 2.6.0 version of Spark. Do you want the Redfire plugin to be a part of 2.6.0 or 2.6.1. We have schedules 2.6.0 for end of April and 2.6.1 for end of May. I can commit some integration development for Redfire (Spark/Openfire) in May, if you are interested.

Hi Walter,

With you available in May, lets go for 2.6.1 at end of May. That gives enough time for beta testing and most of the bugs fixed. We might be able to get some good documentation in there as well.

Sounds like a good plan to me


I would love to see Redfire plugin integrated from now if that is possible.



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This news item from the red5 mailing list about the embedded Red5 server release plans also has an impact on Redfire

I’d like to give a heads up on our intentions and schedule for our Red5 1.0
Final Release. We are looking to release a RC2 in a week or so and then
release 1.0 Final in 2-4 weeks after some testing. The more testing the
better. Thanks for your patience!

I agree with that! But I would be much cooler, if there is a way to fully intrgrate redfire into openfire.

Openfire (with integrated Redfire) + Spark (with integrated Redfire Plugin) + SparkWeb (with integrated Redfire Plugin) + optional commercial support = a dream come true (no need for Skype, Cisco UCC or something else).

I totally agree with you.It would be soon intergrated in next version as they say it.




I just setup the new Red5 and I am able to see the share desktop icon in Spark. When I click the icon the share in a chat session it gives me the box and I click start sharing button. The person on the other end will get a link and when the click the link a browser windows opens and you can see a quick flash status bar fly by… Then I get a blank screen at that point. Any suggestions???

thanks in advance for your help!


Make sure the web-browser is running Flash Player 10.x. Also confirm that the screenshare web application works from the screenshare test link on the Redfire home page at http://your-openfire-server:7070/redfire

Hi Dele,

another feedback from me and my co-worker. We tested the screen sharing function the last two days.

The problem it has a very poor quality. The screen resolution is 1920x1080. We had big trouble to read things (like menu discriptions or things like that) from the opposite screen.

Is there anything we can do to improve the quality?

I verified that I am using flash 10.x… Also ran the test link without any problems. Any other help would be greatly appreciated.


1920x1080 is a lot of screen to send over a remote connection. Do you really need the whole screen in the sharing session? I suggest using the publisher user interface to reduce the area shared to the specific application or window of interest. You will get better results if your shared area is 1024x768 or even less

Put your browser in full screen mode. That will help

Maybe port 1935 (RTMP) is blocked on the other side. Confirm you can telnet to the Openfire server on port 1935 from the remote user.