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Redfire Plugin - WAN Connecting Issue

Hi Support,

I have redifre plugin for my spark client. I am able to share and do video/audio while in LAN.

But when i am going out of my LAN and tryin to do this in WAN Side, its not working. Redfire Plugin is still looking connect to the LAN ip address of my server and the port. How can i change this behavior that it looks at WAN ip address and also LAN IP address??

Please help



To get spark to work on the WAN you need to setup your firewall to allow, this traffic.

So setup NAT (or port forwarding) from your external wan address to the address of the openfire server. then setup an acl to allow the traffic through your firewall.

Easiest way to connect to your WAN address is setup Dynamic DNS with a free provider, then you only need to connect the the name, and you dont have to remember your wan address.

Hope this helps


Hi Garry,

I have allowed 7070 port for redfire and openfire port also.

By when i am doing redfire sharing my desktop from outside it saying my private ip address 10.X.X.X and hence it doesnt connect.

i want to look for a way around it.