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Redirect Spark Properties

Hi all,

I’ll try to explain this as well as I can.

Our users use mandatory profiles which prevents them from modifying anything to do with the profile. As well, we run a program that will reset the machine back to it’s original state once it’s restarted, wiping out any changes that people make to the machine. At the same time, user’s Application Data, Desktop, and My Documents are redirected to their home folder which is on the server.

What people are trying to do is save their Spark login so they don’t have to enter the information in each time they go to use the program…of course each night these settings are wiped out…

I’ve isolated the files to c:\documents and settings\username\Spark. Is there someway that I can tell Spark to move these files to say z:\spark?

Thank you,


The file you are looking for is called spark.properties. You can move the file anywhere you like but spark will continue to look for the file in the same place. What you are talking about doing is called SSO (Single Sign On). You can use this so that when the user logs onto the machine it signs him on to Spark automatically so that the user doesn’t have to type anything. Just take a look around the forums and you’ll find a lot of info on how to do this.