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Refreshing AD group

I have recently installed Openfire 3.3.2-1 and am getting it ready for production use for about 100 employees. I have setup AD authentication and have group filters in place so that groups that start with Jabber_ get added automatically. The only issue I am having is once I update these groups in AD they are not updated to the client unless I restart the openfire daemon.

Does anybody know another way to refresh these groups without restarting the daemon? I really don’'t want to have to kick everybody off the server everytime we add or remove somebody…

Thanks in advance

  • David Neufeld

Yeah I agree. Im in the same boat.

I wonder if there is an option in the console to change the frequency of when AD is refreshed w/ OF.

I noticed that when I created a new group or added new users, it doesnt automatically re-populate.

However after a period of time, it did refresh… Can we do a force-fresh ?

even if we have to do it via the command line, that would be nice

  1. Also, My groups aren’‘t visible in Spark even when I’'ve given group sharing to ALL.

Only 2 groups are visible, because Im in them. I want to see all groups regardless if Im in them or not.

  1. Also in AD, is it best practice to use Distribution groups or Security groups with Open Fire?

Thanks for your help guys!


try this.

go to Cache summary under Server Manager menu.

Select Cache name “Group” and “Group Metadata Cache”. then click button “Clear Selected”.




I’'am working on a php class that interacts with OpenFire.

The class can add/del users from groups and groupchat etc.

I use a primitiv function to flush the cache, via the webinterface.

It’'s an ugly hack - does anyone have a better solution?

The function I use to update the cache, is as follows:

function update_cache()

{ // BEGIN function update_cache

include(’‘HttpClient.class.php’’); // (http://www.wappler.eu/programmierung/php-httpclient/)

$client = new HttpClient(’‘’’); // The webinterface adress

$client->post(’’/login.jsp’’, array( // Login

‘‘username’’ => ‘‘admin-user’’,

‘‘password’’ => ‘‘admin-password’’,

‘‘url’’ => ‘’/index.jsp’’, // The last two variables is not optional

‘‘login’’ => ‘‘true’’


// Tell openfire to flush the cache


(!$client->get(’’/system-cache.jsp?=&cacheID=0&cacheID=1&cacheID=2&cacheID=3&cac heID=4&cacheID=5&cacheID=6&cacheID=7&cacheID=8&cacheID=9&cacheID=10&cacheID=11&c acheID=12&clear=Clear+Selected’’)) {

die(’'An error occurred: ‘’.$client->getError());


} // END function update_cache


I did something to that effect.


Now my other issue is, someone mentioned that upping the cache also helps too.

Has anyone found out where to do this? and is it advantageous?