refreshPage() needs to be disabled with autologin: "true"?


I am using a 2 day old svn of trunk sparkweb.

Things are working well if I don’t use autologin but if I set it to true it logs in but the whole page reloads ~every 10 seconds (I didn’t count).

A simple fix is that I comment out the reload in refeshPage()

As I am typing this I’m thinking it might be related to another bug (feature?)

To test I open sparkweb in 2 browsers, since the html has autologin it connect twice as the same user, but either the client or openfire appears to boot the first person (possibly causing the refresh), can one account join the room with multiple instances?

Can I autologin as anonymous? Would that allow simultaneous logins? what would I use as the password for anonymous? If I bookmark a room for an anonymous user would all instances of anonymous use that bookmark?