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Regional Language in Spark?

There is any possibilities to add the regional languages like Tamil, Hindi in Spark 2.6.3

If you contribute the translation filesm then it will be added to Spark. All depends on contributors.

Hello, I would like to help in translation of the Spark program for Portuguese of Brazil. If interested, send me information on how to perform the translation. Sincerely, Amir.

But there is Portuguese-Brasil translation in Spark already.

I would like to translate Spark to Hungarian. How can I do this?

Find spark\src\resources\i18n\spark_i18n.properties in the sources and make copy of it, then translate every label in it. See other translation files as an example. You will see that they use special codes for the special non-latin symbols. Like \u0173. You can replace symbols with these codes as you translate manually. Or you can use some tool to convert it later.