Register user in my own table and access information from it

Hello everyone, I’m developing chat app in Android, I achieved basic functionality using openfire and smack api, now I need to make it in web client too. So to synchronize between web client and app user I need to use register user from app/webclient in my own table and not in ofusers table . I followed custom database setup with MySQL but its not working and I even want to access user information from my own custom table through webservice so I think I’ll have to use restapi to make http call , am I right ? I’m so confused please help me.

To make a good configuration, you have to set correctly your external database queries for user list, authentification and rosters.

and use REST API for other requests like adding groups,

You can get all user info if you set correct queries, just follow docs and some forums

Thabks for you reply .

I’ll be having two types of user in my application, user and agents , so im planing to provide this type when user register for the first time and later I even want to access these users based on it types ,so do I need to use external custom database for it, n how will I register users. I followed official custom database integration guide and made my own database with table myuser. And I added few users in my own users table but it was not reflected in openfire admin console.

I was expecting that if I add user in my database table , it will get reflected in admin web interface but it didn’t worked in tahy way .

Can u provide some exapmles.

In your can, here a quick conception,

For both cases, either users or agents consider them as users, so for getting user list it will be (select users union select agents)

For rostering, in my opinion each agent can speak to a small group, create a list of groups that contains each one the users and the agents you need using a query that matchs your database, then share that group, so each member can speak to another.

Final thing is to make sure you use the correct authentification method (plain, md5, sha1, etc)

Use openfire webinterface to update those queries and not from ofProperty table on the database