Registering transports and hiding them?

I would love for someone to confirm two pieces of information for me.

  1. When adding/registering transports FROM Spark, it does something “special” and sets them up in a way that prevents these transports from working in SparkWeb. When I add an IM gateway/transport FROM Spark, I do not get a “transport” contact in my roster, but the connections to the external networks (MSN, AIM, GoogleTalk) all work. However, I log out and then log into SparkWeb and none of these connections work.

  2. If I add these transport registrations from the OpenFire side of things, both client apps (Spark and SparkWeb) work. I end up with transport “buddies” for each network on my roster. In Spark I can message everyone just fine and SparkWeb works too. However, with this way the transports show up on the buddy list and I’m afraid may be confusing for my users. Is there any way to “hide” the transports? Pandion does this, but I like the look/feel of Spark better (and still require a web-based client like SparkWeb - Pandion does’t provide this).