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Registration plugin vs. PWM

I’ve installed the registration plugin to allow new user registration but quickly realized that it cannot be used on the public domain due to its missing security features. As alternative I’ve found PWM, which is a password self service application for LDAP directories.

PWM is shipped as WAR and self-contained single executable JAR file with embedded Apache Tomcat runtime. The WAR file can be used with Jetty.

I’ve found PWM used with ejabberd at snopyta.org for user registration.

Here are my questions:

  1. Has any of the operators successfully integrated Openfire with PWM?
  2. Would it be feasible to add PWM to Openfire as a third-party registration plugin?

The PWM project home page is https://github.com/pwm-project/pwm. It is licensed using Apache 2.0 License.