Reinstall Openfire?


Having some issues with the admin console since upgrading to the open source version (3.5.1), I’m sure it has to do with the code and possibly not having one of the scripts run properly. All users are able to login properly.

I’m wanting to backup all the usernames/groups/passwords/web bookmarks and reload them into a clean installed version (3.6.0a), is there any problem simply backing up the ‘jiveuser’ ‘jivegroup’ ‘jivegroupprop’ ‘jivegroupuser’ tables and importing it back?

The book marks I only have 10 of them and looks as though there are 3 tables tied to it… ofbookmark - ofbookmarkperm - ofbookmarkprop

Importing of tables could not work because database scheme has been changed in 3.6.0. So maybe it’s easier to make a backup of whole openfire and then just do an upgrade.